Can Amonita. Ibiza. September 23rd-28th 2018


Because we love it so much. And we love having you there. In our tres posh Ibizan home with all its white walls and restful spaces. It’s ridiculously posh pool, forest-fringed yoga deck, laughter-soaked dining table and the sweet memories of the happiest times together.


So it will be same same but different. It will be V.2018. It will be very soon after we get back from our travels and it will be fully loaded with all I’ve learnt through my practices over these many months of roaming the world.

I can’t wait to share it all with you and we’ll do it in long, deep, meditative mornings. We’ll go into our core, connect to our details and sensitize ourselves to each moment so we can not only get stronger, and take our asana up to the next level, but we can become more alive. More alert. More intensely aware of what is happening in our bodies and how to listen through the sweetest refinement of presence. It will be strong but super sensitive in the mornings and nothing but restorative in the evenings. With bolsters and blankets and wide open space where you can be held and healed as we allow our bodies to rest completely. And, of course, we can do some partner massage too.


And then there’s the man who makes everything better. To feed us and nourish us with his culinary gifts while he tells silly jokes and brings us all back down to earth. Pete has been so inspired by all the flavours we’ve tasted on our travels and his menu will be as creative and exciting and delicious as ever. Vegetarian, hearty and wholesome, we’ll bring you a little bit of India, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia.


Come and rest with us. Lie by the pool. Walk in the forest. Meditate, practice, write, draw, dance, paint, laugh, cry, snooze, and come back to balance.


£900pp early bird with flexible payment plans available
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Can Amonita

April 4th-9th 2016 FULL

September 5th-10th 2016 FULL

Tres posh, tres relaxing and tres energising, Pete and I will take you on a mesmerizing journey of yoga and nourishment in the magnetic North of this magical island.

“I think the most impactful thing was it felt like being welcomed into your home. Genuine, friendly, relaxed but really professional teaching, restaurant quality food and amazingly well organised.”


Can Amonita is a beautiful, luxury yoga villa, set in a secluded pine forest with outdoor yoga deck, indoor studio, dreamy pool and 6 en-suite twin or double bedrooms. Each morning will begin with meditation and a creative 90-minute yoga class, followed by a generous dose of Yoga Nidra (yoga sleep).

 “Col’s sessions were extraordinary and perfectly put together with so much love and devotion. There were so many magical and inspiring elements.”


The days will be filled with massage, arts and crafts, walking, resting, reading, eating and snoozing-a-plenty. In the evenings we’ll head back out to the yoga deck before an outrageously delicious dinner.


“I was completely blown away with how amazing it was. It was a beautiful journey for my body and mind and i learnt so much about yoga practice and philosophy.”

Come and join us in September for some yoga magic in the pine forest. Just drop me an email to for more info and to secure your spot on


Pedro and Col



Can Parades

September 15th-18th 2016, £350, 1 spot available


What a little slice of paradise we did find. Last October Pedro and I headed out to Ibiza to find the perfect venue to host the perfect retreat. We fell in love with Can Amonita but then we discovered this gorgeous little organic farm near Sant Joan. With its own free range chickens. avocado trees, pomegranates, potatoes, onions and figs we were in organico heaven. Run by a big hearted yogi, we decided to host a short retreat here after a week of luxury at Amonita.

yoga deck.jpg
The days will begin with meditation, yoga and nidra on the gorgeous little yoga deck, fringed with local plants and flowers. We’ll then dine on Pete’s delicious breakfast treats and bask in the sun, venture out to the beach, stroll around the land or be still at the villa. In the evenings there will be another yoga practice followed by dinner.


Small, intimate, relaxed and earthy, this is a short retreat that will give you all the nourishment you need.