To move into stillness and dive into the unseen realms of reality is what calls to me. It’s what brings me to my mat each day, invites me to meditation and inspires me to teach. To share the practices, wisdom and resources that I have been gifted by my teachers so others can experience the fullness of themselves and the world around them. My intention is to empower people through yoga so they can rise up and be guided more deeply by their purpose and truth.

My path has led me to train with some of the yoga world’s most inspirational light beings, including Sianna Sherman, Leila Sadeghee, Bridget Luff, Tara Judelle, Elena Brower and Ana Forrest. I am endlessly grateful for their love and knowledge and weave their teachings into my classes.

First and foremost, I create a safe space for my students before pouring soulful, thematic sequences into their bodies, taking them on a journey towards a peak pose that embodies the intention. Fluid, liberating and technical, I often sequence to music, dancing on the breath for an immersive experience. One that seeks to bring students into an acute awareness of the dynamic stillness that is inside them and all around them. Inspiring them towards their own greatness and having some fun along the way.

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